Barcode Scanners - What You'll Need

  1. A Barcode Scanner (not provided by Jackrabbit). Look for a universal USB bar code scanner. The Barcode Factory has been in the barcode business for a number of years and provides all equipment and supplies for barcode scanning. Contact The Barcode Factory at 888-237-8525 or

  2. Barcode Labels - Barcode Labels can be printed to Avery 5160 Labels. Jackrabbit provides PDF templates for Student ID #'s 100-999 (pdf)  and Student ID #'s 1000 - 5000. If your organization needs customized numbers, Jackrabbit may be able to assist you. Please click the Help Button in your database to check with our Support Team.

  3. You must be set to track attendance (not absences) in order to use Jackrabbit's barcode scanner functionality. If you are not set to track attendance, please reference Track Absences or Attendance and contact Support to make this change for your organization.