How your Organization Can Benefit from Using the Staff Portal

Contributor(s): Amber Smith, Laura Bruck

The Staff Portal was created for staff to take attendance, enter time, update skills and resources without needing access to your Jackrabbit database. Think of the Staff Portal as a separate domain from your Jackrabbit database. Depending on the role of employees at your organization, staff members can be given access to the Staff Portal and Jackrabbit. To make it super easy, they can have the same set of login credentials for both. See our Help article Match Staff to User ID for assistance. 

Because the Staff Portal is ‘responsive’, it will work great on a mobile device, tablet, and a computer. To learn more about Staff Portal access, check out our Help section Launch the Staff Portal.

So, why should you use the Staff Portal? Let’s look at the benefits of each feature!


When a staff member logs in to the Staff Portal, the first page they see is News. You can create news for a specific staff member, all staff , and by department. This is a great communication tool! Check out our Help article for more information on how to create Staff Portal News.

My Schedule

Instructors can view their schedule of classes and events from this tab in the Staff Portal. The view defaults to show the current session but the instructor can select a past session if they would like. No need to send your instructors their schedule - they can view and print their schedules from here!

My Time Card

Depending on the time entry method you have set up for your staff, each staff member can login to the Staff Portal to enter their time. You can decide the time entry method (Clock In/Out, Manual In/Out, or Total Hours) per employee. See our Help section Enter Time in the Staff Portal Time Clock for more details on how each time entry method works.

If your employees work in different departments at different pay rates, using the Time Clock in the Staff Portal allows them to easily record time in multiple departments. If the time entry includes more time than a normal shift (i.e. subbing for another staff member), the employee can add a note to the time entry. This note can be seen by the manager when approving time, making the approval process easier and faster. For more information, check out our Help section, Manager Use of the Time Clock.

Manage Classes

From the Manage Classes page, staff members can take attendance, update skills/levels, view lesson plans, email families, and manage resources.

Attendance Button

Taking Attendance in the Staff Portal allows staff to indicate if a student was present, absent, late, left early, observing or schedule a future absence. With the enrollment being updated in real time, instructors have access to accurate rosters at their fingertips!

Instructors can easily see information related to their students including:

  • Medical information
  • Upcoming birthdays
  • Helpful badges when applicable (First Day!, Missed Last Class!, Trial, or Makeup)

Some additional information can be displayed on the attendance page for each student, including:

  • Future Drop Date
  • Student Photo
  • Student Roll Notes
  • Grade Level
  • Allergies/Special Needs
  • And much more!
Student photos are helpful for substitute teachers. Add the photo to the Student’s Misc tab or directly from the Staff Portal! For more information how, check out a related Frequently Asked Question.

Instructors can also perform the following tasks from the Attendance page:

  • Send an email to an individual family
  • Send an email to an entire class
  • Enter Roll Notes for a student
  • View Attendance History for a student
You determine what information is seen by staff based on settings you have selected. For assistance with customizing attendance settings see our Help article, Settings for Staff Portal Attendance.


Using Skills/Levels in the Staff Portal allows your staff to update skills/levels in real time, eliminating the need for paper and extra administrative time to enter the information in Jackrabbit after class. 

In addition to updating skills/levels, your staff can:

  • Email student skills/levels progress to the parent
  • Enter notes for each student
  • Manage skills/levels videos
You determine what information is seen by staff based on settings you have selected. For assistance with customizing skills/levels settings see our Help article, Settings for Staff Portal Skills/Levels.


Staff can send emails from the Staff Portal as needed. This setting is not global and can be determined on a case by case basis. See our Help article on Customizing Staff Settings for more details.

How do you get started with the Staff Portal?

What are you waiting for? If you have not started using the Staff Portal yet, the time is now! Here is how you can get started:

  1. Check out the Staff Portal Overview to get familiar with functionality.
  2. Work through the Guided Staff Portal Setup. Remember, you can customize staff settings per staff member.
  3. Test it out! Launch the Staff Portal and give it a test drive.
  4. Adjust your Staff Portal Settings if you would like to show more or less information.
  5. Contact Support (using the ? icon found on the blue menu bar) if you get stuck. They will be happy to assist!