Keeping Up with all Things Jackrabbit via Intercom

The blue message icon, also known as Intercom, is your best friend! Most of the time, you will see the Intercom (icon) on your Executive Dashboard but sometimes it may appear on other pages in Jackrabbit.

Through Intercom, Jackrabbit has the ability to send messages to specific users based on Location of your organization, User Role, and or Jackrabbit Edition, to name a few. We are able to focus the messages to the correct audience in an effort to prevent inundating everyone with messages that aren’t important to them.

You can click on the Intercom icon at any time to view new messages, past messages, webinar links, and other information proactively and at your convenience. Click the X to close the messages when you are done!

What types of messages are being sent through Intercom? 

Intercom allows us to send emails or messages within Jackrabbit to notify users of new enhancements, upcoming webinars, and other important information. We can add messages to specific pages within Jackrabbit to target Users who made find the information pertinent to their role and related tasks.

Sample Intercom Message