Makeup Settings - Organization Defaults

When you track absences in Jackrabbit, you'll have the option of offering your students the ability to make up their missed classes. 

To define the settings that control makeups, go to the Tools menu > Edit Settings > Organization Defaults (left menu) > Makeup Settings section.

Eligibility for Absences

Define how a student's eligibility to make up a class is assessed when an absence is recorded.

  • Select with Each Absence - for each student absence recorded, select whether the student is eligible to make up the missed class or not.
  • Always Allow Makeups - all student absences are automatically marked eligible for makeup.
  • Never Allow Makeups - absences are never eligible for makeup.


It's a common policy that students must make up a class within a certain time frame (such as 2 months). Save time and effort by setting the eligibility for all makeups to expire automatically after a designated time frame.

There are three options for setting expiration dates:

  • No expiration - all makeups are eligible indefinitely, a student can always make up a missed class.
  • Based on a time limit - set the eligibility for a makeup to expire after a number of days, weeks, or months. The eligibility expires at the end of the last day in the time frame.
  • Until the last day of the session - a student's eligibility to make up a class expires at the end of the session the absence was recorded in.

When the current date is later than the makeup expiration date, eligibility is marked as expired, and a makeup class cannot be scheduled.

Before the eligibility has expired, a makeup expiration date can be edited to extend the date to accommodate for special situations, such as an extended illness. Optionally, update the makeup expiration dates for multiple absences during a specified time frame.

Class Makeup Group Size Limit

Select the number of extra spots you will allow in a class for makeups. If you don't want makeups to exceed the class maximum number of students set this to zero (0).

  • Example - when the size limit is set to 2, the class max size is 10, and there are 8 currently enrolled students, there will be space for 4 makeup students (10 + 2 - 8 = 4).

 If you are using the Parent Portal, and you want to allow parents to schedule makeups themselves, you will need to define your Parent Portal Absence & Makeup Settings.