Save & Load Your Favorite Grid Views

You can use Jackrabbit grids to filter all your family, student, and class data. Once the data is filtered and the information populates in the grid, it's easy to save the view as a favorite. A favorite view can be set as the grid default view and each time you open the page, your favorite view is displayed in the grid. Multiple favorite views can be saved, and you have the option to share any of your favorites with other users.

The Save Favorite option is available in the following grids:

When you click on a data visual the information displays in the grid. This view can be saved as a favorite or default view too!

Save a Favorite View

  1. Filter the grid for the information you are looking for. Use the filter (icon) or click on a data visual.
  2. Click the Save as favorite (icon).
    • Enter a favorite name.
    • Select if you want to set the favorite as the default view. This view will automatically load when you return to the page.
    • Select if you want to share with your team. 
  3. Click Save. Your filtered data, column width, and column locked positions are all saved.

Load a Favorite View

  1. Click on the Favorites (icon).
  2. Select your saved favorite from the drop-down list or start typing in the search field.
  3. Choose one of the saved views and click Load. The grid populates the data and the breadcrumbs indicate the selected filters.