Skills in the Staff Portal - An Overview

Watch a (1:59) video tutorial on Using Student Skills in the Staff Portal

The Skills/Levels feature in the Staff Portal allows your staff to track the skills/levels of the students enrolled in their classes without having to have access to your Jackrabbit database to do so. Staff can log into their portal when it is launched from within your database or they can launch their portal remotely through a web address (URL) in a secure, mobile friendly environment on an iPad, iPhone, or other smart device. The choice is yours! See Launch the Staff Portal for further details. 

In order to use Skills/Levels in the Staff Portal skills/levels must first be assigned to classes in a Class Record or assigned to students in the Student Record. See Students: Skills/Levels for more information.

With the Skills/Levels feature in the Staff Portal your staff can:

  • Update skills/levels progress
  • Email student skills/levels progress to the parent
  • Enter notes for each student
  • Manage skills/levels videos