Student FAQ


What determines the Student Start Date on the Student's Summary page?
This date defaults to the date that the student was created in Jackrabbit using your web registration form, the Parent Portal, Families > Quick Registration, or Student > Add Student.
What is the Student Date Quit field on the Student Summary page used for?
You may manually enter a date quit into this field if you choose.
When I transfer a student from a class where they had a future drop does this information carry over to the new class?
Yes, when you transfer a student from one class to another using the Transfer option (links in Class and Student records) any future drops that had been scheduled for the student are automatically added to the new class.
Can a student's picture be uploaded to their record?
A student's picture can be added to their record so that it is displayed in the Parent Portal, the Staff Portal, and when using the Barcode Scanner for attendance tracking. As well, it is possible to display a picture on Student Information Shee...
Can I mass delete information that is filled in under a Student's User-defined fields?
Yes, you can mass delete the User-defined fields for ALL students at once from the Students menu > Clear UDF Answers . Additionally, you can delete all answers in User-defined fields from All Students .  Go to Students  (menu)&nb...
Is it possible to schedule a makeup into a class that is full?
A makeup can be scheduled into a full class only when the Class Size Makeup Limit ( Tools > Edit Settings > Makeup Settings ) is set to > 0.  The Class Makeup Size Limit controls how many 'extra' spots in a class you allow f...
Can I update the makeup expiration dates for multiple absences at once?
If your makeup policy is to give students a specific time frame for them to make up their missed classes, you'll define that in your makeup settings . You can change the expiration date for multiple absences at the same time, based on the da...
Is it possible to mass delete all student sizes?
Jackrabbit Support can assist you in deleting all student size information (all sizes on each Student Record: Sizes tab).  Please contact Jackrabbit Support via the Support button in your database to request that all student size information be...
Is there a way for me to change the student grade level for all students at once?
The Grade Level field on the Student Summary tab can be increased or decreased   by one grade level   for all students at once. It is not possible to change the grade level by more than one grade at a time. This can be done by any U...
Can I email a student their schedule?
Yes. See Email Student Schedules .
Can student skills/levels be seen in the Parent Portal?
Yes, to show student skills/levels in the Parent Portal go to Tools > Parent Portal > Settings and scroll down to the Family Information section. Check the box to Show Student Skills and Save Changes. ...
Can I use the same barcode scanner for both attendance tracking and the store?
Yes.  Any "universal USB barcode scanner" can be used for tracking attendance and for scanning store barcodes.  
When does a student drop take effect?
A student's Drop  Date   is exclusive  and their Enroll  Date is inclusive . A student is not considered in class on their drop date but they are considered in class on their enroll date.  Examples Class Rolls ...