Add Items to a Costume (Purchase) Order

If additional costumes are added after an order has been created, use Add Items to Order to add costumes to the existing order.

  • Point to Tools in the main menu and click Costume Management.
  • In the left menu, click Add Items to Order.
  • Select a vendor from the drop down list (mandatory).
  • Add any other filter criteria you need.
  • Click View Available Items.
  • Any available items for that Vendor will display.
  • Item Name, Class Name, and Primary Instructor are clickable, and can be used to further investigate the available item(s).
  • If you do not want to include the item on an existing order, uncheck the Order checkbox.
  • If you do want to include the item on a existing order, leave the Order box checked.
  • When complete, click Add to Existing Order.

  • In the Add Items to Order pop-up box, select an created Order ID from the drop down list.
  • Click Add Items.
  • Click OK