ePayment Schedule

Located on the Family record Billing Info tab, the ePayment Schedule drop-down values can be used to define the payment options you offer to your clients. Examples are Autopay, No Autopay, Monthly, Prepaid, etc. 

The ePayment Schedule drop-down value can be used to group families when posting tuition or when processing credit cards/bank accounts and can be made a required field for Online Registration. When offering payment options, this is a great way to capture and record your customers' payment preferences!

Create an ePayment Schedule Drop-down List

Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down List Editor (left menu) > Family > Payment Schedule. Add rows as needed. You have the option to hide any of your ePayment Schedule drop-down list values from your customers with the Hide from customers checkbox (hides the value from your customers in Online Registration and Portal drop-down lists) or you can choose to hide a value in drop-down lists within Jackrabbit using the Hide from users checkbox.

Update an ePayment Schedule from Families (menu)

  1. Go to the Families (menu) > All Families and filter as needed.
  2. Select all the families in the grid by leaving the 1st column checkboxes blank or check the 1st column checkboxes for the families you would like to update in a group.
  3. Click the More (icon)> ePayment Schedule.
  4. Select the schedule from the drop-down list or use the toggle to remove any schedule for the families.
  5. Click Update. All selected families will have their ePayment schedule updated.