Trial Enrollment During Online Registration

If you use Jackrabbit's "Trial" functionality in your database, you can also offer it "online" for NEW customers using the web Registration Form.

For a full explanation of "Trials", see the Trial Enrollments page in this guide.

To allow a new customer to be able to select an enroll into a class as a Trial, set "Allow Trial Enrollment" to YES at the bottom of the Class Summary page. (Web Registration must also be set to Yes).  Trials are not available in the Parent Portal; they are only available to new customers using the Registration form.

Helpful Hint - use Classes > Edit All Classes to select a group to edit and then use the Global update section to mass edit multiple classes at once.

You should explain in your webpages your organization's "rules" regarding free Trial classes for customers (as each organization has different rules regarding free trial classes).

If the class is set to "Allow Trial Enrollment"= Yes, then if the new customer selects this class, the below verbiage will appear under the Class in the Registration Form.  The customer may select Yes or No from the dropdown.  It is defaulted to No. 

If the customer selects YES and submits the Registration form, the following occurs for the trial class:

  1. Class tuition is NOT posted for this class, even if you have auto posting set to Yes.  Trials can not have tuition auto posted.
  2. The customer's confirmation email, and your organization's notification email, will include "Trial" beside the class name.
  3. The Enroll Type will be set as "Trial" for this student for this class in your database in all the locations that show the enroll Type.
  4. The archived WebReg will show this class was selected as a Trial.
  5. The system does NOT set a future drop date. This means the student enroll type of "Trial" will remain "Trial" until your staff either drops the student from the class OR changes their enroll type to "Trial-Enrolled".
Develop procedures for your staff on how to handle Free Trial students after the trial class has been attended. See Staff Procedures for Trial Enrollments for more details.