Class Status

The status of a class is defined on the Summary tab of the Class record.

Some status values are pre-defined defaults, such as Active, Inactive, Archived:

  • Active = Classes that are open for enrollment
  • Archived = Classes that have been "put to sleep" so they don't show up in your current list of classes
  • Inactive = Classes that are not open for enrollment
  • Terminated = Class has been removed
  • Future = Classes with start dates in the future (classes designated with this status will show up on Class Listings Tables for future enrollment)

It is considered best practice to only use the Class Statuses listed here. This will assure Jackrabbit pulls the right information for reports and Class Listings Tables, etc. The Class Status drop-down list can be found under the Tools (menu) > Edit Settings > Drop-down Lists (left menu) > Class > Status.