Measurement Worksheet

Measurement Worksheets can be printed and used to record student measurements before entering the measurements into Jackrabbit.

From the Reports menu the Measurement Worksheet can be found in the Families / Students section under the Students tab.

  • Select the criteria required to capture the classes you want worksheets for by filtering for: location, classes, instructor(s), session,  and class category 1, 2, and/or 3.
  • If costumes have been assigned to classes, select the Worksheet for each Costume? checkbox to ensure that a separate worksheet is created for each costume in classes with more than one costume.
  • If costumes have been assigned to classes, a vendor (or several vendors) can be selected.
  • The Display Measurements section may be used to select all or any of the measurement choices.  Note:  ONLY the GIRTH measurement is used for Jackrabbit's auto-size function.
  • Add additional columns if needed.
  • To print each class to a separate page select the Page-break after each Class when printed? checkbox.
  • If measurements have been entered for a student in Jackrabbit already, they will be listed on the worksheet.