Discount Tuition Fees

Watch a (1:47) video tutorial on Understanding Tuition Discounts  

There are several types of discounts you can apply when posting tuition fees in Jackrabbit. The type of discount available depends on the Billing Method used.

Multi-Class Discount 
(Billing Method By Class Fee)
Hours Discount 
(Billing Method By Total Hours)
Multi-Student Discount 
(Both Billing Methods)
Family Discount 
(Both Billing Methods)
  • Offered to specific families for things like military discounts, staff discounts, etc. Learn more about Family Discounts.
  • Defined in the Family record, on the Billing Info tab.
Additional Discounts 
(Both Billing Methods)
  • Offered to families when using the Post Tuition Fees function that are applied on top of all other discounts. Learn more about Additional Discounts. 
  • Defined in the Post Tuition Fees process with each batch created.