Student Absences and Makeups (when tracking absences)

When you track absences in Jackrabbit, versus tracking attendance, you will enter the days a student missed or will be missing class, and optionally schedule makeup classes for the student. 

Recording Absences

To accommodate different workflows, Jackrabbit offers several ways to record a student's absence.

Enter absences from the Class record
  • From the Class record, a student absence can be recorded for a single date.
Enter absences from the Family record
  • From the Family record, absences can be submitted for a single student or multiple students in the family and can be done for a single date or range of dates.
  • Business Scenario
    A family was on vacation and all students in the family missed all of their classes for an entire week. Mark all students as absent from all classes at one time.
Enter absences from the Student record
  • From the Student record, absences can be submitted for a single date or range of dates.
  • Business Scenario
    A student is injured and won't be returning for several weeks. Mark the student absent from all of their classes at one time.
Enter absences when taking attendance in the Staff Portal
  • Staff can take attendance in the Staff Portal and mark students absent from class. Future absences can be scheduled in the Staff Portal.
Allow parents to schedule absences in the Parent Portal
  • Allow parents to enter absences for their students through their Parent Portals.


Many organizations allow students to make up classes they've missed. When your database is set to track absences, you have the option to offer a makeup class to a student who was absent. 

Define your makeup settings

The first step is to define your makeup settings which answer these questions:

  • Is each absence automatically eligible for a makeup? Or will staff assess and assign eligibility for each absence?
  • Will eligibility for a makeup expire after a set period of time? Or will makeups be allowed at any time?
  • Do you want staff to be able to book makeups in a class that is at its max size? If so, how many extra spots will you allow?

Learn about Makeup Settings.

Schedule makeup classes

When a student absence is entered, and the absence is marked eligible for makeup, a makeup class can be scheduled at that time or it can be scheduled at a later date.

Learn about Scheduling Makeup Classes.

Learn about the options for reporting  on student absences and makeups.