Costumes (Apparel) Management - An Overview

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The Costume Management Module can help you manage your costume orders and help post costume fees! 

With the Costume Management module you can:

This module may be named differently, depending on the edition of Jackrabbit you are using. 

Default Module NameJackrabbit Edition(s)
ApparelClass, Cheer, Swim, and Dojo

While this module was originally designed with dance studios in mind (for recital costuming), it can also be used to track and order supplies and equipment. From the Tools menu > Edit Settings > Costume/Apparel Module Settings, you can change the module name to something more meaningful to your organization, selecting from:

  • Apparel
  • Costume
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Supplies
  • Uniform

For simplicity, this section uses the term costume throughout, however costume, apparel, equipment, materials, and supplies can be considered interchangeable terms throughout this topic and throughout your Jackrabbit database.

Assigning, sizing, and ordering costumes is a simple four step process:

For a User to see and work with the Costume Management module they must have the User ID permission "Costume/Apparel Module", which is located in the Tools section of permissions.