Enrollment Detail Report

The Enrollment Detail Report is extremely powerful and allows you to create many reports based on current and historical class enrollment.

Customize your report using the Show/Hide Columns button. Select from over 25 columns of available data.

Search Criteria Tips

  • By default, this report searches active classes only.  Set Active Classes Only? = No to include archived classes.  See Archive Classes for an explanation of archived classes.  
  • Select Enrolled in Session / Not Enrolled In Session along with other Search Criteria to determine which students did not return (for retention reporting).
  • Set Active Classes Only=No, Current Student Status=[blank], & Enrollment Status=All (Current/Past) Enrollments, along with other Search Criteria, for historical reporting.

Display Options

  • To display a Student Summary (each student counts once) set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Student Summary.
  • To display an Enrollment Summary (a student in multiple classes counts for each class), set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? Enrollment Details.

How to Analyze Enrollment Growth

How to Analyze Enrollment Retention