The Class Record

The Class record stores vital information about your classes and can be accessed from these locations in Jackrabbit:

  • Classes (menu) > All Classes > click the class name link in the grid
  • Classes (menu) > All Classes > click the row menuView/Edit

Every Class record has its own tabs, buttons, and links. See Class Fields Explained for additional information on the various class detail fields.

Class Tab Descriptions

SummaryStores basic class information including dates and times, tuition posting settings, and enrollment settings. From this tab you can control whether the class displays online and if online and portal enrollments are permitted. If you offer virtual classes, or share video tutorials, entering them on the Class Summary tab will make that resource available in the Parent Portal.
Enroll List

Lists all students enrolled in the class, as well as students with a future enrollment. From this page, a user can drop or transfer a student as well as indicate the enrollment type of a student (example: trial, wait list, etc.). 

Drop ListSummarizes the drops that have occurred for the class. From this tab, the user can also indicate if the student completed the class.
AbsencesA summary of all students' absences for the class are displayed and you can also access detailed class absence/attendance history for each student. If you track attendance instead, this tab will be labelled Attendance.
MakeupsScheduled makeups display here.
Wait ListLists students who are waitlisted for the class.
InstructorsStaff/Instructors are assigned to a class from the Instructor tab. Jackrabbit allows up to four instructors for each class.
Lesson PlanLesson plans can be added to a class, or a Master Lesson Plan can be copied into the class. Lesson Plans assigned to classes can be viewed in the Staff Portal.
Skills/LevelsAssign Skills to a class to track student progress on the Skills tab.

Add notes related to the class that you can refer back to.

CostumesAdd either apparel, costumes, equipment, materials, or supplies to a class. The name of this tab is dependent on the setting chosen in Tools > Edit Settings > Costume/Apparel Module Settings > Preferred Costume Module Name. Learn more about Costume//Apparel management.
Notes Create and store searchable notes regarding the class.
ResourcesView, upload files, and add links to the class. Resources can be shared with parents and staff.

Class Button Descriptions

Class RollView or print a class roll for the specific class.
Enroll StudentEnroll students using the Enroll Students button.
Email/Text ClassUse the Email/Text Class button to quickly email or text a specific class.
Enter AbsencesWhen tracking absences in Jackrabbit (the default), they are entered using this button when you aren't utilizing the Staff Portal Attendance feature. If you track attendance instead, this button will be labelled Enter Attendance.
Absence/AttendanceThe Absence/Attendance button provides a shortcut to the Student Attendance Report for that class.
Post Class TransactionsPost a group fee to that specific class. Learn more about Post Class Transactions.
Copy Class

Use the Copy Class button to copy (duplicate) an individual class. This is particularly useful when creating classes that contain similar information and only require a few changes.

Mass DropMass Drop is a quick, efficient way to drop all the students from a class. It is recommended when a class is cancelled.
Sizes/MeasurementsEnter sizes / measurements for students in a class using this button. This information is used for Costume management.
Archive ClassUse the Archive Class button to archive the specific class.