Emailing in Jackrabbit

Email is an excellent way to keep in touch and quickly share important information with your students, parents, contacts, and staff. You can use Jackrabbit to email individuals or send group emails.

Once you have decided to send an email, it's important to define your audience and what you want to communicate to them.

Think about these questions before you get ready to send out an email:

Let's Send an Email in Jackrabbit!

There are a ton of options for sending emails in Jackrabbit! This section was designed to help you understand these options and provide you with information and step-by-step instructions to create, send, and use our email reports.

Create an EmailWe have a comprehensive list of email templates available for your use. Some have full-color graphics and standard wording, you can customize them for your organization or create your own. Refer to Customize / Edit a Jackrabbit Email Template.
Email GuidelinesIt's critical to adhere to a few simple guidelines when you are creating and sending out emails:
Email ReportsAlthough we can't tell you who opens and reads the emails you send, these reports have been created to help you manage your emails:
Troubleshoot EmailAfter you create an email and hit Send, there is no guarantee your email will be sent and received as intended. Here are some additional articles to help you troubleshoot email issues you may be having: