Manage the Time Clock Step 3 - Close Pay Periods

After all hours within a pay period have been approved, the pay period should be closed. The process of closing the pay period marks all hours as being paid with a Paid Date.  

  1. Point to Staff Portal, select Time Clock and click Close Pay Period. Tip: There is also a Close Pay Period button on the Approve/Unapprove Time page.
  2. Select the Pay Period.
  3. If you'd like the report to also display any unpaid time entries prior to the selected pay period, select Yes in the Find unpaid time entries dated prior to this pay period? field.  
  4. Click Preview Staff Hours to Close.
  5. If there are hours within the pay period that haven't been approved, a pop-up alert will warn you.  If this alert pops up, click the View Not Approved Time link within the pop-up to view and approve the time.

If necessary, you can re-open a Pay Period by going to Staff Portal > Settings > Portal Settings. In the Time Clock Pay Periods section, click the Re-Open Pay Period button.

  1. In the preview screen, select which hours to process by ensuring the Process checkbox is checked. 
  2. When satisfied with the list, click Confirm List.
  3. Change the Pay Date if necessary.
  4. Click Close Pay Period
  5. If prompted, click OK.

 After you've closed the pay period, you can export it to payroll. See Export to Express Payroll, QuickBooks, Excel (CSV File).