Enroll a New Student into Classes when Adding a New Family

The Quick Registration Form is used by a Jackrabbit User to add a new family to your database. Students within the family can also be enrolled into classes at the same time. 

The Quick Registration Form follows the settings selected for your Online Web Registration Form. See our Help section Customize your Web Registration Form for more details.

Fields that are required on your Online Web Registration Form aren't always required on the Quick Registration Form. Since this form is used internally, it is not mandatory for office staff to fill out all fields to keep the process quick!

To access, the Quick Registration Form, point to Families in the menu bar and click Quick Registration/Add Family. Enter all necessary Family and Student Information.

Enrollment through Quick Registration

Use the Search button to search classes. Office staff can select up to 5 classes per student during the Quick Registration process. Additional classes can be added as needed after registration is complete. 

The options for enrolling during Quick Registration vary:

  • If Allow Trial Enrollment is set to Yes on the selected class' Summary tab, you'll have the option of indicating whether or not the student is a Trial Enroll.  
  • If Allow Future Enrollments is set to Yes in Tools > Edit Settings > Organization Defaults > Class Settings, you'll see an option to adjust the Enroll Date and add a Future Drop Date.
  • If Send Enrollment Email to Instructors is set to Yes in Tools > Edit settings > Organization Defaults > Class Settings, you can clear the Email Instructor check box when you don't want instructors to receive an email. See our Help article Class Settings for more information.

If the family has other students, continue adding information and enrolling in classes using the other Student Information fields.

If you've entered an email for the contact(s) and want them to receive an email confirmation of the registration, be sure to select the Send Email Confirmation check box.  

After all required information is entered, click Submit Registration Information. The family is added to your database and any students with classes selected have been enrolled accordingly.